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The Grass on the Other Side by joyfulhowl The Grass on the Other Side by joyfulhowl
Colorado endured a multiple day blizzard recently, which means that the mountains where BWS is located was hit with heavy snow. While the staff was working hard to try and move snow away from pathways, driveways and the likes to be able to move horses, trailers and people around, they also nervously awaited the arrival of a new Thoroughbred mare, who happened to be arriving right after the blizzard had ended. Many of the staff members didn't think the trailer could make it up through the mountains. 

"Jacob the snow is too thick on the mountain roads... There is no way we can get a trailer and the truck from the pick up spot up here," Kirsten told her husband, nervously biting at her nails as they watched Fernando and Remus hook up the two horse trailer to the stables large truck outside in the steady falling snow

Jacob sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I called the station that has the mare and they said they can't hold her overnight due to capacity limits being reached. The snow plows have been through this area. It's only an hour drive, and if we're careful we can make it there and back before the sun sets. Plus we don't really have a choice," he said as he looked to his wife.

Kirsten sighed but nodded. "Alright, I trust you. But please go with someone. I don't want you out there on your own." Jacob chuckled and turned to his wife, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulled her into place a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Of course, darling. I'll take both Remus and Fernando with me," he said before he let her go and grabbed his jacket, throwing it on before heading out with the other two males already outside. In about twenty minutes they had the traveling equipment for the mare ready and packed as well as everything else before they headed on their way.

It was about a three hour round trip, but like Jacob said, about and hour and a half before sunset the trio arrived at the entrance, the rest of the staff greeting them outside of the main barn. After a few hugs and congrats on a safe trip, Jacob went around to the trailer, which was completely still and quiet, one might have questioned the presence of a horse inside. But none the less, out came a gorgeous three year old thoroughbred mare, her ears perked straight forward and her caramel colored eyes wide as she took in her new home. 

She was a young, perky mare, very excited to check out her new surroundings, and was apparently obsessed with snow. She seemed to have no problems with it, which was a very good thing, meaning their travels must have been smooth sailing. The rest of the crew took their turns greeting the mare, patting her muscular shoulders and after Fernando checked her over for any medical conditions, Jacob took her to the nearest field and let her out to stretch her legs for a while before putting her in for the night. And like a wild animal being set free, the mare took off through the snow, tossing her head, nickering and squealing, bucking and romping through the snow like she was a foal again. The crew laughed as they gathered at the fence and watched the mare, who ran some circles before slowing down to trot in a smaller circle before she seemed to find the perfect place to roll. Which she happily did. And surprising to the crew, she was able to find the green grass that lay hidden under the blanket of snow. 

Jacob knew this mare was special. There was such a life and spirit in her, and seeing as she uncovered the life under the snow sent something through the man that meant to him this mare would be something great.


Well after that long story, I'm here to introduce BWS Rebel Yell! (Rebel for short). Just recently purchased her from SRE-Equines from this sale: I instantly fell in love with her color and since I do already own another horse with the rabicano marking: I thought it would be great fun to have another! I've already drawn an image of Rebel and King meeting up with all their rabicano glory and I can't wait to finish it.

But anyways, enjoy my long random story. I was in the writing mood. Plus I'm super happy with how this image came out!


Art (c) me
HazleWolf Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016
Very impressive skills Nawlie! Love the pose! <3
Werner-Park-EC Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016
Beautiful work :heart:
joyfulhowl Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you. c:
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